Clear Out!

So today I didn’t leave the house… I spent the day organising my room…and watching Catfish episodes on YouTube too.

After living in Shanghai last year I realised how unnecessary a lot of material things are. Coming from Ireland, I was allowed to bring only one bag weighing 23kg to Shanghai. My American friends were allowed double this! Unfair much?

I did very well moving over but at the end of my trip I was amazed with how many extra things I had acquired. Generally, many of these new things were gifts that I had picked up for other people. I actually bought way too many gifts by the end of my trip. As I was traveling to Taiwan, Thailand and Singapore at the end of my trip it was a nuisance carrying full bags.

Currently, I don’t know where I will be based for the rest of the year. With this in mind, I wanted to slime line my wardrobes.

My room at present has different bundles laying beside my wall. Let me explain the method to my madness as follows:

  1. The really good stuff. Brand new with labels still attached. This bundle will be offered to family members for free/sold online. I use in Ireland to sell unwanted goods. I wish I had known about it longer! I actually put advertisements up already and three of my lots have sold 🙂
  2. Good stuff – mainly clothes but other bits and pieces too. These I will donate to a charity shop.
  3. Clothes that I don’t think anyone will want. There is actually a recycling bin at the back of my house for these clothes and they somehow salvage good clothes/turn any fabric into scrap fabric that can be used in developing countries. I have seen some places actually offering to buy old clothes by weight too but these guys then sell your clothes for a higher price to the charities so I avoid them. (Maybe someone here has more thoughts or information on these people who buy old clothes?)
  4. Odds and ends. This Christmas I made Christmas cards and I really enjoyed it. This bundle is little items I think I can reuse to create cards/small items.
  5. Retired items. I have a large plastic container I am going to fill for the attic with things I no longer use but I just can’t say goodbye to just yet. I have a lot of cds…but no cd player. They are taking up unnecessary space but I just don’t trust technology enough yet to get rid of them. Plus…some are signed! 🙂
  6. Recycle bundle. For all those random receipts and bits of paper that turn up during a clear out.
  7. General rubbish bag.





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