Goodbye Country!


I am back from my jaunts in the country. I had a rather splendid stay in Durrow, Co. Laois. Parents of my friends recently retired to a grand house out there and kindly allowed for me to stay over.  I was not prepared for the Downton Abbeyness of the place! My ensuite had a freestanding bath (I was super excited about this!).

Although short, it was nice to breakaway to the country for a while. Their neighbours rescue horses so they were looking in at us. My friends have two hens, a rabbit and there were five dogs currently staying in the house.

We popped down to the village today and had lunch in “Bowes”. I had a delicious (why do we always use this verb for describing food?) quiche followed by a chocolate and caramel tart….mmmmm caramel. If you ever find yourself in Durrow, I would highly recommend the restaurant.

I will leave you with a festive pic of my friend Sarah and I at the Christmas tree accompanied by Rua and Luna the dogs.

Durrow Laois

More exploring to come!




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